Beware the Antigenius

There are a few reasons why children stop using their own inborn genius traits. One of the main reasons is the Antigenius (pronounced ˈan-tə-jēn-yəs). The word antigenius is usually used as an adjective to describe conduct. When we refer to antigenius behavior, we are simply referring to conduct that is the opposite of the genius trait…

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Teachers Can Save Lives

I wrote a novel (using a pseudonym) about a hunt for the yeti in the Himalaya. In the Acknowledgments section, I thanked all the teachers that ever had to put up with me. I gave special recognition to three of them—Mrs. Wimmer, Mr. Murray, and Mr. Grande. Those three changed my life. They were all…

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The Curiosity of an Eight-Year-Old Boy

Recently, I took a long flight home from the east coast to the west coast. There are two things I don’t like about flying—standing in lines (security and boarding) and sitting in a seat that would only be comfortable for a stick figure. It always makes me wonder why anyone would be rushing to board…

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