Devotion to Goals

The Universal Key to Success

In college at orientation, while I was standing in lines to sign up for my classes, I noticed two different beautiful girls standing in their own lines. They were unbelievably gorgeous. In other words, they were the kind of girls that I had no shot at dating. I had a good Sense of Humor (genius…

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The Next Word On The Page

Back in the day, I used to do sales for a consulting firm. And to become a better sales person, I’d do training courses at night classes that I thought might help me be better at sales. When I’d finished a class, I’d announce it at our weekly staff meeting. The staff’s reaction was always…

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The Science Behind Genius

There is a science behind genius. It’s the same science behind achieving goals. It’s called The 24 Characteristics of Geniuses. It’s knowledge that has been tested and proven. There is a doctor behind this science. His name is Dr. Alfred Barrios. Dr. Barrios, a clinical psychologist, studied the world’s greatest geniuses and discovered they all…

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