Dr. Barrios

The Traits You Need The Most

What traits do you need the most? This article will answer that question. If you do our Genius Personality Test you can find out what genius trait is the one you use the most and which one you use the least. I’ve taken the test myself and my best trait turned out to be Versatility…

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5 Steps to Unlocking a Genius Trait

Anyone who has read through the 24 characteristics of geniuses has probably paused at one of those traits and thought to themselves, “Okay. There it is. I’m never going to be a genius.” They found a characteristic that they knew they did not have, and they knew they were never going to get it either.…

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What Genius Traits Do You Have?

When I was a kid, and I first arrived at junior high school, there was another kid in the 7th grade with me that I knew from playing Little League. His name was Jon. He had a challenging home life. If you’ve ever seen the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? starring Johnny Depp, you’ll have…

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