The Universal Key to Success

In college at orientation, while I was standing in lines to sign up for my classes, I noticed two different beautiful girls standing in their own lines. They were unbelievably gorgeous. In other words, they were the kind of girls that I had no shot at dating. I had a good Sense of Humor (genius…

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What Genius Traits Do You Have?

When I was a kid, and I first arrived at junior high school, there was another kid in the 7th grade with me that I knew from playing Little League. His name was Jon. He had a challenging home life. If you’ve ever seen the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? starring Johnny Depp, you’ll have…

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Why You’re Not Rich

I’m sure you’ve heard something like this before: Rich people are driven people. Usually, that is followed up with: People are born with a strong drive; it’s not something that can be developed. But are people just born with a powerful drive while others are born without one? That’s today’s million-dollar question. A lot of…

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