How Purpose Affects The Bottom Line

I googled “finding a purpose for your company” and was astonished to discover that the top five results listed (four articles and one video) missed the most important subject concerning the finding of your company’s purpose. These five results had questions and advice dealing with finding a purpose for your business—what energizes you, what goals…

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The Ultimate Growth Opportunity

When you’re hiring a new employee bear in mind that the #1 perk or incentive a job seeker will desire and ask you about is growth opportunities. The top three categories in the infographic linked above are (1) Growth Opportunities, (2) 401K Plans, and (3) Health Benefits. That’s what job seekers are looking for when reading about…

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A Better Way to a Happy Employee

There are a lot of HR experts talking about ways to improve employee engagement or the employee experience to make employees happier. All the different ways I’ve read about online have some workability. However, what they all lack is durability. For example, I’ve seen that a lot of culture experts are preaching appreciation or recognition…

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