To CEOs: How to Get Your People to “Buy In”

On a business trip recently, I ran into a man who had been in the Human Resources industry for a very long time. He told me he had just received a new job offer from a large corporation that had over 9,500 stores in the U.S. (If I mentioned their name, you’d know it.) Then…

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How Purpose Affects The Bottom Line

I googled “finding a purpose for your company” and was astonished to discover that the top five results listed (four articles and one video) missed the most important subject concerning the finding of your company’s purpose. These five results had questions and advice dealing with finding a purpose for your business—what energizes you, what goals…

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Why You’re Not Rich

I’m sure you’ve heard something like this before: Rich people are driven people. Usually, that is followed up with: People are born with a strong drive; it’s not something that can be developed. But are people just born with a powerful drive while others are born without one? That’s today’s million-dollar question. A lot of…

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