Help Your Customers by Helping Your Employees

The word service means an act of helpful activity; help; aid. By definition then, a customer relations representative (whether salesman, store clerk, hotel concierge, waitress, telephone rep, insurance, etc.) is a customer help rep. Help. Nearly everyone appreciates when they get some help on a problem or situation.

However, the numbers prove out that the customer relations reps themselves are the ones who really need help. Depending upon your industry, the employees that deal with some form of customer relations have some of the highest turnover rates, especially reps who try to help people over the phone. For instance, the average call center’s turnover rate is between 30% and 45%. And high attrition is a contact center’s #1 problem.

The facts are that dealing with John Q. Public is taxing on a customer relations person’s soul.

This is no small problem. A higher turnover rate is costly. Constantly training new customer relations employees affects a company’s bottom line. A high attrition rate presents a poor company culture which can affect your customer relations. And losing customers can be expensive as it may create unwanted PR in social media.

Why are customer relations employees quitting in such large numbers and can anything be done about it? At Genius Inc., we think something can. Our solution is to turn management and employees into geniuses.

Here is our back story. In the 1970s, a study was done by Dr. Alfred Barrios. He studied the world’s greatest geniuses like da Vinci, Edison, Einstein, Tesla, etc. and found they all had 24 qualities in common. Dr. Barrios also said that anyone could develop these traits and operate on a genius level.

Later, it was discovered that these genius characteristics were inherent in every human being. It’s just that most people don’t always use all of them for their own own personal reasons. But since they are inherent traits, they can be brought forth through simple development exercises and anyone can develop them and learn to operate on a genius level.

The 24 genius characteristics include many traits that are invaluable to a customer relations employee, including Patience, Ability to Communicate, Drive, Honesty, Persuasion, Adaptability, and Enthusiasm. There are 17 more traits just as desirable as those above.

Try this experiment and see what happens: Go to and email the link with the list and descriptions of the 24 genius characteristics to all your employees. Have them study the list of genius characteristics. Just by having them study these genius traits, it will start the ball rolling toward a better culture. But don’t be surprised if they ask for more genius exercises.

One thing is sure: Studying these genius characteristics won’t hurt them. And it will give them something to aspire to. So, try it.

Genius Inc. has an online development program that helps executives and employees develop these traits that are already within themselves. This results in increasing your customer relations staff’s soft skills and happiness which also increases productivity and improves the company’s bottom line.

Specifically, with each employee investing as little as 15 minutes per day on the Genius Culture Courses you can boost your company culture and achieve the following milestones:

1) A more positive culture that leads to happy employees, which also results in them enthusiastically helping your customers.

2) A low-stress work environment that creates good, positive communication between executives and employees.

3) Executives who recognize specific values as genius behavior in their employees and acknowledge it, or even reward it when it has been noticed over a long-term.

4) Company values result in a positive brand that in turn becomes a hiring tool by HR. This is because the 24 genius traits are seen as desirable qualities by prospective employees.

5) When your employees are operating on a genius level, your customer relations will improve automatically, and your turnover rate will shrink.

And wouldn’t a customer want help from a genius? Wouldn’t a customer relations employee want to operate on a genius level? I think we know the answers to both of those questions.

Do the experiment I’ve recommended above. Then when you see it work, find out more by going to or download our free e-Book.

We look forward to serving you.

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