What is the Biggest Factor for an Effective Culture?

In the last 10 years or so, there has been a lot of articles and books published regarding the importance of having an effective culture in your company.

Many of those authors follow up with the 5 or 7 or 10 vital points that go into creating an effective culture. This article is about what I consider to be the biggest factor.

I decided the first thing I would do is investigate which companies had the best culture. Googling for research constantly reminds me of just how wonderful the Internet is. But it’s also distracting and expensive, I bought my wife a pair of cute shoes on the way to finding Comparably.

Comparably is a culture and compensation monitoring company for the workplace. They survey workers in large (500 or more employees) and medium/small companies (less than 500).

With nearly 10 million anonymous ratings from employees at over 50,000 U.S. companies, they put out lists rating the top companies in all sorts of categories, including Best Culture.

The Best Culture winners are determined based on 50+ comprehensive workplace questions in core culture categories, including Compensation, Leadership, Professional Development, Work-Life Balance, Perks & Benefits, to name a few.

They put out a Top 50 list every year. Here is the Top 10 Best Culture list for 2018 for large companies:

  1. Costco
  2. Google
  3. T-Mobile
  4. HubSpot
  5. Aflac
  6. Insight Global
  7. Intuit
  8. Salesforce
  9. Blizzard Entertainment
  10. Starbucks

No doubt you’ve heard of most or all of those companies. But what do they have in common besides having the best culture?

Frankly, these companies had quite a bit in common. They all had won multiple awards at Comparably. But one award stuck out to me. When I saw it, all I could think of was, “Well, of course.” But oddly, I rarely see it as a factor when perusing the various Top 10 ingredient lists for great culture.

Best CEO.

8 of the 10 had an award for the Best CEO. Aflac’s CEO missed getting a Best CEO award, but he did get awards for Best CEOs for Women and Best CEOs for Diversity.

This makes complete sense.

Ideas, values, and culture (among other things) run downhill. So, if you’re a CEO and you want to boost your company’s culture, it stands to reason that you would start with numero uno.

The CEO is the source point of culture. The CEO is the spirit, heart, and driver of the organization. The CEO is the leader. How does one lead? By example. So, don’t just set a good one, set a genius one.

If you are a CEO and you want to boost your culture, we have a great place to start. At Genius Inc., we help CEOs by boosting their already existing genius traits. If you didn’t know, you innately have 24 genius qualities. Go here: 24 Characteristics of Geniuses and see what they are.

The 24 genius characteristics are the values we help develop in your staff to boost your company’s culture. They are standards of behavior that anyone can develop because they are the inborn qualities of every human being.

We help executives and employees develop their own genius characteristics by doing our two Genius Culture Courses thus giving a genius boost to your company’s culture.

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