Enthusiasm Works Like Magic

Pay attention to the title of this article. Because believe it or not, I’m giving you one of the secrets to life. The genius characteristic of Enthusiasm is powerful. This kind of makes sense when we look at the derivation of the word.

In the various dictionaries online, you will find the following phrases under the derivation for Enthusiasm: possessed by a god; divine inspiration; having a god within

Whatever a person’s beliefs are regarding the word “god” is not the subject of this article. All I am pointing out is the word “god” used in the derivational phrases above conveys that if you express the genius trait of Enthusiasm, you will have an all-powerful force working for you. 

This can be seen to be true in everyday life. If you have ever known anyone who wore Enthusiasm on their sleeve, you will have noticed how things usually turned out well for them. This should be expected as a matter of course. 

It seems like luck or magic but it’s not. One should expect that if you call upon an all-powerful force like Enthusiasm, the force should help you in an all-powerful way. Heck, it almost seems unexplainable. Maybe it is magic

A key point about enthusiastic people is that even when something goes wrong or doesn’t go the way they want it to, they won’t drop their Enthusiasm or get discouraged. They persevere with Enthusiasm and try to turn any negative into a positive. 

By the way, that last bit is how you tell a person really has the genius trait of Enthusiasm fully developed. When faced with any kind of adversity, they stay enthusiastic. And then, eventually, things turn around for them. 

More magic.

Are you scoffing? Don’t you believe me? Hmmm. Well, if you want to see this magic happen, you should put it to the test yourself. Practice Enthusiasm daily for a week or two. If you have never tried this before, it is not as easy as it sounds. So, I will provide instructions.


First, you must understand that, like all 24 of these genius characteristics, Enthusiasm is already within you. So, let your genius trait of Enthusiasm within—out! Be a Jedi Knight! May the force of Enthusiasm be with you! Charge! Meet life head-on with gusto! 

Second, as Dr. Barrios says, “Really believe that things will turn out well.” In other words, keep that idea at the forefront of your thoughts. Use the genius quality of Optimism and focus your mind on something good coming up. 

Last, don’t hold back. If others can’t observe that you are excited about what you are doing, you aren’t really in Enthusiasm. If you don’t hold back, people will notice your Enthusiasm and be inspired and want to cooperate with you. Enthusiasm is an irresistible force. It is divine inspiration, so it inspires divinely. 

Just like magic. 

The hardest part of this is staying in Enthusiasm. One must persist in Enthusiasm to see the magic happen. Another genius characteristic that will help you stay in Enthusiasm is Patience. When you’re in Enthusiasm, your success is always just around the corner. Be patient with Enthusiasm. 

If you follow the instructions above, you may not always have things turn out all right for you. But if you stay enthusiastic, gain cooperation, and keep going strong, people will be inspired and think you are amazing. But you and I will know it’s just your genius trait of Enthusiasm working its magic. 

Have Enthusiasm. Do magic. Be a genius.

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