5 Steps to Unlocking a Genius Trait

Any goal can be achieved if the steps toward the goal are small enough so that each step may be accomplished!

Anyone who has read through the 24 characteristics of geniuses has probably paused at one of those traits and thought to themselves, “Okay. There it is. I’m never going to be a genius.”

They found a characteristic that they knew they did not have, and they knew they were never going to get it either.

Before you despair, I want you to know that it doesn’t make a difference what characteristic you think you don’t have. Whether it’s Enthusiasm, Perfectionism, Patience, Dynamic Energy, Courage, or any of the others, I can assure you that somewhere within you it’s there.

If you’re doubting this, let’s look for your missing genius trait right now. Here are 5 steps to help you find it and unleash its power.

1st Step: Read through the list of the 24 Characteristics of Geniuses and pick the one you want to work on. For purposes of this demonstration, I’m going to pick one and show you what to do. Let’s pick the genius trait of Patience.

Click here to see the 24 Characteristics of Geniuses.

2nd Step: Look up the word for the genius characteristic in the dictionary. For Patience, you could go to Google.com and type in “definition of patience” and hit ENTER. When you do, this definition pops up: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Read it and make sure you really understand it—using the word in examples helps to reinforce its understanding.

3rd Step: Re-read the description from Dr. Alfred Barrios. Patience: Be patient with others most of the time, but always be impatient with yourself. Expect far more of yourself than of others. After re-reading the description, make sure you understand it by taking each sentence by itself and writing down three examples of it that you have witnessed in your own life.

Example: For the genius trait of Patience, you would take the first sentence: Be patient with others most of the time, but always be impatient with yourself.
A) Write down three examples where you were patient with another person or impatient with yourself. If you can’t think of three examples where you were patient with another person, write down an example of a time you witnessed another person being patient with another.
B) When you are done with the first sentence do the same thing with the next sentence.
After you have finished giving examples of the different ideas in Dr. Barrios’s description, go to Step 4.

4th Step: If you gave any examples of yourself exhibiting the genius characteristic in Step 3, realize that you have the genius characteristic within you. You can go directly to Step 5 or do Step 4 for extra help.
If you couldn’t think of any examples of you exhibiting the genius characteristic in Step 3, then read and do the following:
Barring accidental actions, almost any other action that anyone has ever performed had to exist in their mind first as a thought. So, for any genius trait that you are having trouble with do imagination exercises. (This is applying the genius trait of Imagination.) Go to a place where you won’t be interrupted. Then with your eyes closed or open, imagine yourself applying the characteristic you’re having trouble with in real life examples. In each example, imagine yourself applying the characteristic successfully. Keep imagining different examples of yourself being successful at applying the characteristic in real life. Do this until you feel more comfortable applying the characteristic in your mind. Then go to Step 5.

5th Step: For this last step, I want you to remember this important factor: Any goal can usually be achieved if a person 1) wants to achieve it bad enough, and 2) takes small enough steps toward their goal. So, you should want to apply the characteristic, and you should scale the path to the achievement of your goal in small, doable steps. Making the steps easier to be successful at is the key to larger, overall success.

Your first step might just be to look around your environment and find a person you can help or a situation you can improve, using this characteristic. The next step might be just to ask the person if they would like some help. (This is applying the genius trait of Outgoingness.) Imagine how you might help them. Then, keeping the characteristic at the forefront of your mind, help the person or handle the situation using the characteristic until you have achieved success with it.

If you want more help applying any genius characteristic, we have an individual course for each genius characteristic or The 24 Genius Steps to Success course which teaches you how to apply all the genius traits towards achieving a specific goal.

We want you to operate on a genius level by learning and practicing all the characteristics.

I hope this helps you. Let there be no doubt that you can be a genius. Because you can.

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