Why Does Leadership Training Fail to Improve Leadership?

I’m not just making up the above title. If you google it, you can find lots of Gallup polls, Harvard Business Review articles, and Fortune 500-type experts confirming that leadership training fails, despite billions and billions of dollars being spent on it.

All of them also have their own solution to the problem. None of them have what I’m about to share with you—three definitions. You may think you already know them but humor me anyway and maybe you will see where I’m going. Here they are:

Leadership: an act or instance of leading; guidance; direction.

Training: giving the discipline and instruction, drill, practice, etc., designed to impart proficiency or efficiency.

Developing: bringing out the capabilities or possibilities of; bringing someone or something to a more advanced or effective state; evolving.

I happen to agree with the 18th-century French philosopher Voltaire when it comes to defining terms. If we don’t define the exact terms, how can we really know we are talking about the same things?

If you’re a CEO, you want the managers below you to be great leaders, so they can guide and direct their team. So, look at the definitions for training and developing and tell me, in your honest opinion, which kind of program you would like your managers to do: a training program or a developing program?

A training program can fail because you are using discipline and drilling to practice, practice, practice people out of their own bad habits. You are trying to force a change to occur. That’s a difficult task, forcing someone to change.

To get someone to change, you must obtain their agreement. Defining terms is part of obtaining agreement with someone.

At Genius Inc., we have a program that develops agreed-upon standards of behavior. The 24 characteristics of geniuses are inherent traits of ANY human being. They are capabilities that ANYONE can develop. Read them over. They are easy to agree with. They are virtuous qualities.

We don’t have to train these traits into an executive or employee to get rid of a bad habit. Everyone desires to exhibit genius behavior. All we have to do is show them they have the CAPABILITY and show them how to bring out their own natural, innate personality traits.

When we develop all the genius traits in your executives and employees, leading by example becomes the norm, as does following by example. Everyone is on the same genius page.

Of course, we realize that our model, of developing a person’s own inherent genius qualities may be brand new to you and even, possibly, unbelievable. Nevertheless, we have seen it boost the culture of big and small companies alike.

We realize that every new idea is met with skepticism when it is first introduced. When we help people who were once skeptical, we enjoy their success all the more.

We don’t train people at Genius Inc., we help develop an individual’s natural inborn genius abilities. And they change—naturally. Believe it or not, it can be done. It’s what we do.

Our two Genius Culture Courses (Executive and Employee editions) help develop the genius traits within you and your staff and give a genius boost to your company’s culture. Call us at 727-474-1809 to find out more.

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