You Define Your Level of Genius

From all the geniuses in the world, there’s one you should know more about. You.

Genius is inborn—it’s in every person. You have the capability of reasoning like one, acting like one, living like one.

This is not wishful thinking; it’s what genius means.

Words matter—we use them to communicate. So, let’s look into the word genius, its origin and meaning.

Then, we can start building on genius.

The word genius is made up of gen- and -ius. Gen- means “that which produces or causes”, while -ius means “made of or belonging to.” Just as genes produce the body, or to generate means to cause something to come about, genius is that which you create or produce.

Bob Duggan, Genius Inc. founder, sums it up this way: “I like to think gene refers to our material embodiment and genius refers to our spiritual embodiment.”

The Oxford dictionary defines it as “showing unusually great intelligence, skill or artistic ability.” Looking further into the origin of the word, we see that it also means an “innate, inborn, inherent characteristic.”

These definitions work together to establish the true meaning of genius.

This puts genius at reach and makes it practical.

It explains why, when you develop your inborn genius characteristics, you can be extraordinary.

Genius Inc. is here to help you discover and develop your inner genius ability so that you can be a more able and competent version of yourself.

Once you know what geniuses are made of, you can define your own level of genius.

If you’ve ever dreamed of greatness, here’s where you start to make it happen.

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