What is the New Model for Boosting Culture?

This is the ground floor. And if you’re reading this, count yourself as lucky. Because what I’m about to impart to you is a new model that will disrupt the culture industry.

That’s right. Disruptive. Just like Uber did with transportation. Amazon did with shopping. Zappos did with shoes. Tesla did with electric cars. It’s going to be disruptive to the culture industry.


A new model. I use these words purposively. Because what we do, and have done already with some other companies, is not believable when you tell it to someone.

My daughter, who is a C-level executive in a major IT security company, mentioned what our company does to the head of her HR department. Her HR executive told her that he found it (what we do) hard to believe as it goes against everything he has “learned” in his years as an HR person.

I wasn’t surprised. I’ve talked to a lot of HR people. And because I’ve talked to a lot of HR people, I warned my daughter to expect the reaction from her own HR executive. So, she was not surprised when he responded with disbelief as to what our company does. What does our company do?

Quite simply, we show people how to operate on a genius level.

Geniuses are disruptive but in a good way. Why? Because they don’t follow the crowd, they find better ways of doing things. This quality, of doing things their own way, comes as a result of 2 of the 24 characteristics of geniuses. Individualism and Curiosity.

This is how companies like Amazon, Tesla, Uber, and Zappos come about. Geniuses do what geniuses do, not what’s been done before.

Curiosity: What if we did things this way?

Individualism: Let’s do it that way and see what happens.

Right about now, you are probably in disbelief that our company can get your executives and employees operating on a genius level. But if you’re honest, you will admit that there is a tiny, tiny, little, tiny part of you that wants to believe it’s true.

I’ll let you in on part of the secret. That’s the inherent genius part of you that wants to believe it. That tiny part is the genius trait of Idealism, wanting to know more.

That part of you also wants to know how we do it or why we can do it. That’s another genius part of you, the genius trait of Knowledge.

Here’s the rest of our secret:

In the 1970s, Dr. Alfred Barrios did a study of the world’s greatest geniuses and found they had 24 qualities in common. Dr. Barrios said at the time that anyone could develop these qualities and learn to operate on a genius level.

In the 2000s, Bob Duggan was told about the study and being an acquirer of knowledge and idealistic himself, he looked into the origin of the word genius and found that it originally meant inherent nature; something that is inborn.

With his new understanding of genius in mind, Bob realized that the reason it was possible to develop the 24 qualities of a genius was because these qualities are inherent in every human being. They only need to be revitalized to start getting a person able to operate on a genius level.

This gave Bob an idea, and he created a genius course for his staff at Pharmacyclics, a biotech company which had been failing. Bob says this first genius course was one of the factors in turning Pharmacyclics into a multi-billion-dollar success.

By doing the genius course, Bob’s executives and employees learned and developed their own innate 24 genius traits and began operating on a genius level.

Having seen the success in his own company, Bob founded Genius Inc. to help businesses boost their own cultures by having their employees develop the 24 characteristics of geniuses. The culture gets boosted by everyone developing and applying their own 24 genius qualities to their daily work activities.

Yes. It can be done. We are doing it.

The only caveat is this: It must be done by everyone, from the CEO to every executive and employee. But this is good news for you and let me tell you why.

If you look over the 24 Characteristics of Geniuses, you will find only good, forthright human qualities. It must be known and understood that these qualities are your basic human nature. They are virtuous qualities that most people would be proud to have and exhibit.

Therefore, these traits will only be objected to by the unscrupulous. The dishonest employee or executive will want nothing to do with these qualities. That’s because Honesty is one of the genius traits.

So, what’s the good news? When your company starts doing our Genius Culture Courses (There are two: Executive Edition and Employee Edition.) the bad apples will eventually turn up and will resign or quit of their own accord.

Geniuses enjoy working with other geniuses, and they will use the genius trait of Perception to spot a bad apple. Bad apples will see the writing is on the wall and look for greener pastures to hide their chaos in.

Trust me. You’ll find that when they quit, your company will run even smoother than you thought possible. Suddenly, every problem they had been creating will disappear.

Geniuses make life easier, not harder.

In closing, let me say that we get it. Getting everyone to operate on a genius level sounds impossible. And it is until you do it. Then you’ll wonder why you took so long to decide to be a genius.

Ready to add a genius boost to your company’s culture?