COMPLIMENTARY Workbook — The Genius Culture Course Books


Employees want to work for more than a paycheck, and this course helps increase their engagement and workplace purpose.

The Genius Culture Workbooks (Executive Edition (SOLD OUT) & Team Member Edition) are focused on the organization’s environment.

  1. Genius Culture Course, Team Member Edition: Helps employees achieve their personal goals through their contributions to the company.  It also helps team members develop their soft skills while immediately applying them to workplace scenarios.
  2. Genius Culture Course, Executive Edition (SOLD OUT): This course helps executives develop their ability to bring about staff enthusiasm and contribution to the company. It gives executives tools to create a genius culture and exercises that boost their ability as leaders.

The workbooks are complimentary* — offer valid while supplies last! 

Limit of 10 Workbooks per request. Call to get your copies today (727) 401 3258


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