What Gives the Most ROI?

No matter whether your company is small, medium, large, or Amazon-like, you want to get the best return on investment for your company. The best way to get that return is to invest in your company’s culture. The only way to do that is to invest in what creates your culture. And what is that?

People. You have to invest in your people. Without people, you have no culture.

If you invest in your people, your culture improves. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter what your existing culture is, but there is one proviso about the kind of investment.

You can’t just throw cupcakes or recognition or money at your people and expect your culture to improve. You have to throw what they want. You have to give them what all humans want. What is that? To be better today than they were yesterday so they can make a better tomorrow.

Translated: Personal growth is King. (It is somewhat serendipitous that the word for King in French is Roi.)

Everyone wants to have a better life. Everyone wants their children to have better lives than they had. It’s part of our human DNA to want to always be better. And not to be better at another’s expense, but to be better and to help other’s to be better as well.

It may sound obvious or simplistic or even idealistic to you, but we are all part of the whole in the workplace. When each part does better, the whole does better. Helping your co-workers to be better, helps you because it improves your company.

The workplace is made up of people, so improvement starts at the top with the President or CEO. If you show me a CEO who can no longer become better, I’ll show you a company that is going to decline, if it hasn’t already done so.

So, if your culture isn’t what you want it to be, then ask yourself this question: How can I improve myself? But first, you have to actually believe you can improve.

I know a lot of companies are trying to do this, but you can’t buy a better culture with recognition or tacos or rewards. Any change in culture with those methods will be momentary. You can only make your culture better permanently by helping yourself and your people become better permanently.

Only personal growth can change people for the better. That and Charles Dickens’ three ghosts of Christmas.

At this time, there are some personal growth programs for improving culture, but they’re in the minority. The majority of culture improvement programs focus on recognition and rewards for good work, well done.

And to be sure, recognition and rewards do make a person feel good. But as I said above, recognition and rewards are only momentary injections of ‘feel good about yourself.’ If you don’t believe that think back to your last recognition or reward if you can remember it. How long did the ‘feel good’ last?

Personal growth changes bad habits and changes a person permanently. Excellent personal growth programs are worth the investment because they change the culture for the better—permanently.

Personal growth is King, and it is noticed in the return on investment. The best personal growth gives the best ROI.

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Your ROI is exponential.

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