The Science Behind Genius

There is a science behind genius. It’s the same science behind achieving goals.

It’s called The 24 Characteristics of Geniuses.

It’s knowledge that has been tested and proven.

There is a doctor behind this science. His name is Dr. Alfred Barrios.

Dr. Barrios, a clinical psychologist, studied the world’s greatest geniuses and discovered they all had 24 personality characteristics in common.

Genius Inc. further analyzed Dr. Barrios’s findings and created a method to help you develop these genius characteristics to perform at genius level.

The result of this work is The 24 Genius Steps to Success Course, an online development program.

The course covers what makes up a genius and how you can perform like one.

You don’t need to remember scientific terms or spend years studying. You do need to learn The 24 Characteristics of Genius, understand them and use them.

It works on anyone who wants to use it, regardless of genetics, gender, race or IQ test results.

Genius is an inborn characteristic that, when developed, allows you to achieve extraordinary things. Just as genes produce the body and how it looks, genius is your inherent ability to produce great things.

To help you see how they connect, and how you can use them to achieve your goals, in this article we’ve arranged these traits in four categories: Genius Starting Point, Genius Enhancement, Genius Influence, and Genius Level Expansion.

If you want to get more out of life; if you have goals that you want to achieve; or if there is some part of you that would like to accomplish something great, keep reading.

Note: We recommend reading The 24 Characteristics of Genius and their descriptions before reading this article. But we won’t stop you if you don’t.

I. GENIUS STARTING POINT—This is where you decide what goal you want to achieve.

  1. DRIVE. It all starts with Drive. This is where you set your goal and focus on your future success to keep going.


II. GENIUS ENHANCEMENT—These characteristics and their descriptions will help you develop and strengthen each trait in yourself.

  1. COURAGE. When you set a goal, especially a big one, it’s not unusual for yourself or others to start doubting its worth or your ability to achieve it. Well, simply keep at it without worrying what people (or yourself) will think if you are different.


  1. DEVOTION TO GOALS. Now that you’ve set your goal, have fueled your drive and have dismissed your worries with courage, it’s time to get into action. Set specific targets to accomplish each day. This will make your goal attainable.


  1. KNOWLEDGE. When you’re working on your goal, you might find you don’t know all about it. Simply gain knowledge; read and question people who know.


  1. HONESTY. You’ve started and there’s no time to look back. Except to spot any mistakes and learn from them. It’s all about your goal and why you want to achieve it.


  1. OPTIMISM. Remember those doubts that you faced with courage? If they pop up again, keep trusting your ability to make things go right and focus your mind on something good coming up.


  1. ABILITY TO JUDGE. Life has a tendency to surprise you and you may experience some setbacks or issues. Here’s where you look at a situation and differentiate facts from opinions. Evaluate things on an open-minded, unprejudiced basis and be willing to change your mind based on what you find.


  1. ENTHUSIASM. Don’t loose your enthusiasm. Really believe that things will turn out well and don’t hold back. Your excitement will encourage others to cooperate with you.


  1. WILLINGNESS TO TAKE CHANCES. Going for your goal is like being in a roller coaster and not knowing if the fall will be exhilarating or plain horrible. Well, just go for the ride and overcome your fear of failure. You won’t be afraid to take chances once you realize you can learn from your mistakes.


  1. DYNAMIC ENERGY. Goals don’t come true by just dreaming them. Continue working on activities that move you closer to achieving your goal. Be determined to make it happen.


  1. ENTERPRISE. As you keep achieving goal after goal to reach your major one, look around for opportunities. See what others aren’t doing that you can do, without being afraid to try the unknown. At any moment you can tap into knowledge, characteristic #4, and learn more about that unknown.


III. GENIUS INFLUENCE—You will notice that the 24 characteristics of genius help you improve your life and that of others. Here’s where you will start taking others into consideration to achieve your goal for your own betterment and theirs.

  1. PERSUASION. You won’t be able to achieve a significant goal all by yourself. You’ll need the cooperation of others. To be persuasive and motivate others, make sure you really believe in what you’re doing.


  1. OUTGOINGNESS. You will also need allies on your journey towards your goal. The way to make friends is to be a booster and offer your support and encouragement. Don’t put others down.


  1. ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE. Now that you’re on a roll, take every opportunity to explain your ideas to others. Tell people what it is that you want to accomplish, your purpose for it and how you’re going about it.


  1. PATIENCE. Not everyone you encounter on the road to your goal will be of immediate help or be willing to cooperate. Here’s where you take a deep breath and remember to be patient. What really matters is that you are impatient with yourself, that you keep persisting and that you expect more of yourself than others.


  1. PERCEPTION. Keep your mental radar on and be alert to what others need. There is no wealth without a product or service to offer. So, make sure your goal includes what others want. After all, they will be the ones that will buy your product or service.


  1. PERFECTIONISM. You’re moving along, controlling your schedule, working with optimism and enthusiasm. Now what? Now you take a moment to look at what you can do even better. Is it improving a product or service? Is it sharpening a skill? Whatever it is, strive to do better.


  1. SENSE OF HUMOR. There will be others who will make fun of you. Whether good or ill-intentioned, don’t take offense and be willing to laugh about it. Don’t let anyone or anything distract you, achieving your goal is what you need to stay focused on.


  1. VERSATILITY. Keep your confidence up and don’t shy away from new endeavors. The more things you learn to accomplish, the more confidence you will develop.


  1. ADAPTABILITY. Circumstances can change unexpectedly. So, stay flexible and do things in a different way if you have to. Take a look at what’s occurring and consider new options. When circumstances change, your goal doesn’t have to. Just adjust the way you’re going to achieve it.


  1. CURIOSITY. As you work on the steps that you’ve set up to accomplish your goal, you’re going to be learning, meeting people, discovering new things. Stay curious and don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know it all. Ask questions about things you don’t understand so that your ability to learn and judge stays sharp.


  1. INDIVIDUALISM. In working towards your goal, you will have to make decisions. Not everyone will agree with you all the time. The genius thing to do is to keep trusting yourself and your decisions. Do things the way you think they should be done.



IV. GENIUS LEVEL EXPANSION—Up to this point you’ve been persisting enthusiastically towards your goal, helping others and obtaining collaboration as needed. Now, get ready to dream even bigger and to create something greater.

  1. IDEALISM. Keep being realistic, continuing the actions that have been working. But, allow yourself to dream and aim towards a bigger goal or a bigger version of your goal. See how your goal can make a difference in your life and that of mankind.


  1. IMAGINATION. Whether you’ve achieved your goal or are making good progress on it, it’s time to use your imagination to see things from a different perspective. Use what you’ve read, learned, seen and perceived in general to think in new combinations. Then, get busy and keep working towards your new or existing goal.

This is the science behind genius.

It’s a science made up of 24 characteristics, each one existing naturally in you.

Use these elements that you were born with to achieve your goals.

You might not experience any observable chemical reactions, but you will get to experience life as yourself, as a genius.

Article written by: Sabrina Ochoa

Science by: Jason Clements


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