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Small Business’s #1 Culture Killer

I have heard more than once from smaller business owners (10 to 50 staff) that they don’t think culture is as important for their business as it is for companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, etc. I think it’s more likely that they just don’t understand what a positive culture can do for them compared…

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A Better Way to a Happy Employee

There are a lot of HR experts talking about ways to improve employee engagement or the employee experience to make employees happier. All the different ways I’ve read about online have some workability. However, what they all lack is durability. For example, I’ve seen that a lot of culture experts are preaching appreciation or recognition…

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One Cause of Unhappiness

I hate to write in generalizations, but I think it is safe to say that everyone desires to be happy. This thought led me into thinking that it might be valuable to discover why one is unhappy in the first place. You may have heard it said, “That all the happiness you’ll ever find lies…

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