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The Traits You Need The Most

What traits do you need the most? This article will answer that question. If you do our Genius Personality Test you can find out what genius trait is the one you use the most and which one you use the least. I’ve taken the test myself and my best trait turned out to be Versatility…

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The Universal Key to Success

In college at orientation, while I was standing in lines to sign up for my classes, I noticed two different beautiful girls standing in their own lines. They were unbelievably gorgeous. In other words, they were the kind of girls that I had no shot at dating. I had a good Sense of Humor (genius…

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The Next Word On The Page

Back in the day, I used to do sales for a consulting firm. And to become a better sales person, I’d do training courses at night classes that I thought might help me be better at sales. When I’d finished a class, I’d announce it at our weekly staff meeting. The staff’s reaction was always…

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