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What Brings About Employee Loyalty?

First of all, what is loyalty? The definitions from the various online dictionaries describe loyalty in this way: faithfulness to one’s oath, commitments, or obligations. An oath is giving one’s word or solemn promise. Commitment and obligation also have to do with making an agreement to act or carry out duties of one kind or…

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Enthusiasm Works Like Magic

Pay attention to the title of this article. Because believe it or not, I’m giving you one of the secrets to life. The genius characteristic of Enthusiasm is powerful. This kind of makes sense when we look at the derivation of the word. In the various dictionaries online, you will find the following phrases under the…

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The Traits You Need The Most

What traits do you need the most? This article will answer that question. If you do our Genius Personality Test you can find out what genius trait is the one you use the most and which one you use the least. I’ve taken the test myself and my best trait turned out to be Versatility…

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