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What Brings About Employee Loyalty?

First of all, what is loyalty? The definitions from the various online dictionaries describe loyalty in this way: faithfulness to one’s oath, commitments, or obligations. An oath is giving one’s word or solemn promise. Commitment and obligation also have to do with making an agreement to act or carry out duties of one kind or…

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Teachers Can Save Lives

I wrote a novel (using a pseudonym) about a hunt for the yeti in the Himalaya. In the Acknowledgments section, I thanked all the teachers that ever had to put up with me. I gave special recognition to three of them—Mrs. Wimmer, Mr. Murray, and Mr. Grande. Those three changed my life. They were all…

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One Cause of Unhappiness

I hate to write in generalizations, but I think it is safe to say that everyone desires to be happy. This thought led me into thinking that it might be valuable to discover why one is unhappy in the first place. You may have heard it said, “That all the happiness you’ll ever find lies…

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