The Ultimate Growth Opportunity

When you’re hiring a new employee bear in mind that the #1 perk or incentive a job seeker will desire and ask you about is growth opportunities.

The top three categories in the infographic linked above are (1) Growth Opportunities, (2) 401K Plans, and (3) Health Benefits. That’s what job seekers are looking for when reading about your company on social media or want to hear about in their interviewing process with your company.

Likewise, the #1 reason for employees leaving their job was Lack of Career Growth followed by Salary & Compensation then Company Culture. So, growth opportunities on the job are all-important in the job-seeking AND job-keeping markets.

The reason for this is simple to figure out.

In life, people need to keep growing. Growing means one is alive and progressing toward their goals which is a happy circumstance. Then there’s the other side of the coin—not growing or developing. Understandably, few people want to stagnate. Stagnating is equated with failure to achieve the goals one has set or getting nowhere in life or, even worse, dying.

Maybe this led to the term dead-end job.

No business wants to become known as the company with a lot of dead-end jobs and/or no growth opportunities. The company’s jobs might be good jobs, but even a good job can be considered a dead-end job if there is no growth opportunity.

This leads us to question what other perks can be offered to retain current employees and entice prospective employees.

Let’s assume that your salary (including any 401K plan) and compensation (including health benefits) are in line with your geographical location and industry standards for the positions available at your company.

This would leave us with growth opportunities and company culture as the deciding factors on accepting or leaving a job with your company.

I have some good news for you.

What if you could tell a prospective employee this: “We have a culture program that helps each one of our employees develop the 24 qualities that the world’s greatest geniuses had in common. Because of this, all of our employees can operate on a genius level.”

Then, while their mouths drop open, you can add: “Would you like to become a genius?”

And you’d be telling them the truth if you’d done our two culture development programs (Executive and Employee editions). Our Genius Culture Courses are an excellent way to reward any current employee or entice a prospective employee.

Our personal growth program shows your employees immediately that you care about their well-being. That’s because our genius development programs boost not only your company’s culture, they improve your employees’ personal lives as well. And everyone knows that happy employees improve a company’s productivity and bottom line.

Our Genius Culture Courses are the ultimate growth opportunity, and it is growth that will help your employees live and do better for the rest of their lifetime. Our clients even refer their friends and family to do our non-culture genius course—The 24 Genius Steps to Success.

We’re here and ready to serve you.

Go to to learn more about boosting your company’s culture.

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