What Brings About Employee Loyalty?

First of all, what is loyalty? The definitions from the various online dictionaries describe loyalty in this way: faithfulness to one’s oath, commitments, or obligations.

An oath is giving one’s word or solemn promise. Commitment and obligation also have to do with making an agreement to act or carry out duties of one kind or another in a certain manner. Those commitments or obligations could certainly apply to a job.

What makes an employee loyal to a job? Does time at a job prove loyalty? The answer is obviously “no”. I’m sure many of us can think of examples of jobs we’ve had where we heard long-time employees complain about working conditions or denigrate management or even fellow employees.

Time on the job is not an index of loyalty.

And while management should do something about any poor working conditions as a matter of course, I’m assuming if you’re reading this article that you have some interest in improving your culture and retaining your good employees. So, it’s probably also true that you’re already above average in the category of the workplace environment.

Therefore, let’s concentrate on how to obtain and keep loyalty.

What about the employee experience or employee engagement or recognition programs or employee pay? Do they influence employee loyalty? I would say they may in certain instances, but they are far from 100% workable.

I would further say that the “certain instances” where recognition programs and the like are appreciated are with the employees who are already loyal.

I think you’ll find that your most loyal employees exhibit certain genius traits more prominently than their fellow employees who aren’t loyal.

Although loyalty is not one of the 24 Characteristics of Geniuses, there are several traits that are closely related to it. So much so, that if you have one or more of those traits, it’s a good bet that you are a loyal employee.

Those genius traits are Honesty, Optimism, Enthusiasm, Dynamic Energy, and Outgoingness. Those traits stand out in a person like a beacon when it comes to identifying a loyal employee, with honesty being numero uno.

This makes sense if you look back at the definition of loyalty. The word faithfulness implies truthfulness. That’s about as close as you can get as a synonym to the genius trait of Honesty.

And so it is with the four other traits I’ve mentioned. All five of those traits are related to each other and strengthen one another.

A person who had Optimism and Enthusiasm would focus on the good points of other people or things like their job. They wouldn’t be complaining about what’s wrong with their job. They would be positive. Obviously, complaining to anyone who will listen doesn’t inspire loyalty in the complainer or the listener.

Likewise, a person with the genius trait of Outgoingness would be someone who encourages others and would be a booster for other employees, not someone who puts them down.

And finally, anyone who had the characteristic of Dynamic Energy would be determined to make things happen on their job and fulfill their commitments and obligations, which is all a job really is. Geniuses always get things done.

These five traits go together with loyalty like white on rice.

Any of these five genius characteristics would be a good index of loyalty in an employee exhibiting the characteristic. And the more of these five traits that an employee demonstrated would only increase the likelihood that they were a loyal employee.

The reverse is true as well. If the person had none of these five traits they couldn’t be counted upon to be a loyal employee. BUT as any of these genius traits can be developed through our culture program, an employee could develop the quality of loyalty and apply it to their company.

This is good news for executives and employees alike. Everyone wants to be working for a company they have an allegiance to. The truth is, the employee who complains about their job daily becomes more miserable every day, as complaining only increases their miserability. And who wants to be miserable?

Our Genius Culture Courses help executives and employees develop their innate 24 genius traits and learn to operate on a genius level. Geniuses boost their company’s culture. Geniuses are boosters for their company or organization. Geniuses are productive and have high morale.

Our genius development program is even an excellent way to reward a new employee or entice a prospective employee. It shows them immediately that you care about their well-being. Our genius development program impacts not only their workplace culture, it also improves their personal life. So, if you want to have loyal employees and boost your culture, there’s a simple way for anyone to achieve it.

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