What Genius Traits Do You Have?

When I was a kid, and I first arrived at junior high school, there was another kid in the 7th grade with me that I knew from playing Little League. His name was Jon.

He had a challenging home life. If you’ve ever seen the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? starring Johnny Depp, you’ll have an idea of what Jon’s home life was like. In retrospect now, it makes me think that Jon may have been an over-achiever.

Because of his home life, Jon worked to excel in every area of his life. I attended a lot of advanced classes with him, and he always got straight ‘A’s. But I remember him most because of PE (Physical Education).

At the beginning of that class, the phys ed teachers would have us run a lap around the track to start off the period. Every day of that 7th-grade year Jon would win the race around that quarter-mile track by about a 50-yard margin.

I say, “the race,” but it wasn’t. No one else in the class was racing, only Jon. The other kids thought he was showing off or trying to impress the gym teacher. But he wasn’t. It just came naturally to him.

Even when we got into high school, Jon would still be the first to finish a lap around the track. And when we graduated from high school, he was one of the valedictorians. Jon had Dynamic Energy and Drive, and he used those two traits in everything he did. At the time, I thought my friend Jon was a true genius.

Of course, now I realize there’s a reason I thought that.

Dr. Alfred Barrios conducted a study in the 1970s which resulted in the discovery of the 24 characteristics of geniuses. The study was written about in a 1980 magazine article by Arline Brecher, a long-time medical journalist and health advocate.

In that article, Dr. Barrios had this to say: “These are traits that anyone can develop. It makes no difference how old you are, how much education you have, or what you have accomplished to date. Adopting these personality characteristics enables you to operate on a genius level.”

In 2016, Genius Inc. was founded by Bob Duggan. Bob had been CEO of Pharmacyclics, a company that was struggling. To help the company back in 2009, he decided to train the executives and employees on the 24 characteristics of geniuses.

Worth $15 million at the time, the training helped turn the floundering biotech firm into an incredibly successful enterprise. The company eventually sold for $21 billion in 2015.

Amazed by the results he’d obtained at Pharmacyclics, Bob purchased the copyright to the 24 characteristics of geniuses after Dr. Barrios passed away and had it assigned to Genius Inc.

Back in the day, when I thought my friend Jon was a genius, I wasn’t that far off because, according to Dr. Barrios, Dynamic Energy and Drive are two of the 24 characteristics of geniuses. I don’t know how many other genius traits Jon had, but those two helped him get a full ride scholarship to the University of Colorado.

Believe it or not, anyone can learn to operate on a genius level. Dynamic Energy and Drive are just two of the 24 genius characteristics. There are 22 other traits. And, just like my friend Jon, some of them you may already have and others you will need to develop.

The seed of genius lies deep within us all. No matter how dormant or submerged it might be, anyone can develop all 24 genius characteristics. It makes them more able. It makes them happier. It makes them more successful in life.

Find out for yourself. Be a genius.

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